Twenty Four Months and Still Running

It’s hard to believe another year has come and went and I have just hit my 2nd year blogaversary. Where has the time gone.  It is that time of year again to give a shout out to some new bloggers I have discovered over this past year that follow me and have had some interaction with me.

A year ago I decided to go “award free” with my blog.  I just could not keep up, and finally I decided to go the award free route.  Yet I still feel it is important to recognise new undiscovered bloggers, share their work and given them well deserved exposure.  There are so many inspirational writers out there to be discovered.

The following 24 bloggers (representing the 24 months I have been blogging) I have discovered on WordPress (and a few other blogging platforms) over this past year.  The WordPress blogs all have under 100 followers and write about a wide variety of subjects. I love learning new things.  You have enabled me to expand my knowledge and started me on a blogging friendship. 

Random Blogs (A Little of This and a Little of That)

Nehabazaz…..21 followers.  The subheading is “Heartwanderer”, a very thought provoking blog with topics that we can all identify with.  Some subject titles are “The Path”, “Letting Go”, “To a New Start”, and “Surprises”

Livin 365….7 followers.   A very fitting title of a powerful blog about a young lady’s battle with a cancer that almost took her life and through it all keeping herself positive.  Very inspirational.

My Frugal Farmstead….68 followers.  Describing life on their 10 acre hobby farm it is living a life that I have always dreamed about.  Living simply while working with a lot of things from scratch.  With categories of baking, cattle, cooking, family recipes, farm life and much more there would be something for everyone.

It’s The Little Things….42 followers.  With the header which reads, :”Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take your breath away”, Carmen’s posts cover a lot for ground.  From travel and photography, fitness and weight loss, her faith and mission trip travel there is something for everyone.

Airg’s Blog….24 followers.  Everyone is on a journey called “life” and this blogger shares their perspective in this world we live in!

 Running Blogs

Racing Oprah…..47 followers.   “Run, Eat, Travel, Train. Atlanta Running Blog”. The writers name is not Oprah, but instead is Sarah.  The name came about as she trained to beat Oprah’s 4:29 time in her 1st marathon.  Her blog is positive and upbeat.  As a fellow runner/blogger she is very encouraging!

Karengeterdone…..30 followers.   Karen’s  blog banner reads “Addicted to Adventure, Nature, Challenges and Learning.  Live Positive, and Play it Forward”.  Coming from my area of Canada she writes about some runs that are within a day’s drive for me, as well as adventures far beyond such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This Girl Caron…..8 followers…Yeah. I’m a bit partial to this blog as it is written by my niece Caron.  The blog was introduced shortly after her 1st Ultramarathon at Pick Your Poison trail race in Southern Ontario.

Willa On The Move….2 followers.  Having started to run in 2008 after her friend passed away from Leukemia, she has never looked back, persisting through injury and sickness.  She is now running 50 mile (80 kilometer) trail races.   Very inspirational!

Blog for an Average Runner.  I  connect with this blog mostly through my Twitter account, I find Kristi such an inspiration and encouragement.  Her hubby and two boys often run the same event on the shorter distances, and Kristi will run the long distances.  Recently she completed her 1st 50k ultra.

Kim Runs Miles With Smiles.  You are not going to find another more fitting title anywhere, no matter how tough the race is, or how miserable the weather conditions are, Kim is always smiling.  A great ambassador for the sport of running, Kim often drops by my blog with a word of encouragement.  Her blog is on “blogspot”.

Get Off That Couch….49 followers.  I always love reading about people’s journey into running, and for Kimberly it is no exception.  A few months ago she completed her 1st half marathon.  It took a lot out of her physically, emotionally and mentally, but she did.  She is back running again, which is awesome.

Plodding Along Nicely….8 followers.  “A British running blog brought to you by “drumroll”…an average lady runner”, this blog with a professional “feel” to it has gear reviews, race reports and much more.

Drty Runner….19 followers.  First through connecting on Twitter we only started following each others blogs just very recently, not only is Sarah a run coach but she has run numerous ultras.  Some of these races are 50 milers (80k’s) and 100k, reading her race recaps give me goosebumps.

Restoring the Body (Health, Activity and Fitness Blogs)

She Cycles….37 followers.  The banner reads, “Sharing Stories From My Newfound Cycling Life” Jessica got seriously into cycling as a young adult.  Reading her posts, it is easy to see her passion for riding.  Reading her posts make me want to get more seriously into cycling!

Eat and Climb….36 followers.  Writer and teacher Sarah Anne is based out of Quito Ecuador, which is a jumping off point for climbers, trekkers and adventure seekers. Her posts are show her passion and love for climbing…something I used to do 30 years ago, and loved it.

Your Body to Mind….50 followers.  A healthy mind plays such a part in a person’s general overall health, and this writer provides great insight to help us achieve those goals.

The Gym Bug….89 followers.  With the header title, “Follow My Mission to catch “The Gym Bug” this is the journey of Tasha’s quest to catch the gym bug like everyone else. And she is doing a marvelous job at it.

Brett Doyle–Fitness+Nutrition….45 followers.  Brett is an ISSA certified personal trainer who also trains for body building competitions.  On his blog he shares his knowledge about the proper exercise techniques, nutrition and what to avoid on your diet/fitness journey!

Sweet Blonde’s Fit Life.  It was tough choice what choice to put category Sarah’s blog under.  She is an avid runner (with many posts on running), but also has done a tremendous transformation through diet and exercise which in turn brought about a mental transformation.  Sarah is an encourager!

Reverence (Faith Blogs)

Together Sisters….9 Followers.  Written by a Christian mother named Bonnie, her encouraging posts come from the heart, as she writes about living out her faith on a day to day basis.

My Sunday Blog….11 followers.  I debated whether to include this one, as it is my secondary blog which I write as a lay minister.  The posts are simply a preview of our Sunday morning services.  The biggest challenge is how to take a 30-40 minute message and put it into a 300-400 word blog post.

The God Culture.  I’m not too sure how this young gentleman named Itofa from Nigeria, Africa found my blog, but I am glad he did.  His blog is on the “Blogspot” platform.  He has such a passion to share his Christian faith, and is such an encouragement to me!

It Was On My Mind….40 followers.  I discovered this blog through another blog “shout out” and found the Christian based posts very relatable to everyday life. Subtitled “Things Worth Considering”.

Thank You.

Thank you to everyone for your support this past year of this blog.  It has been a fun journey.  There has been so many blogs I would have loved to have mentioned but have kept this “shout out” to blogs of smaller followings and readerships.  This is not an “award post” so there is no need to nominate others.  Hopefully this posts will have others drop by your blog and help your readerships and followings grow.

As far as my running goes, this marks 3 years of running myself.  Running has helped me so much physically (blood pressure) and mentally (mental health). My goal this year was to complete a 50k ultra, which was checked off at “Pick Your Poison“.  And now before I knew it I had registered for 3 more 50k’s, the next is July 16th at The North Face Endurance Challenge held in the Blue Mountains of Ontario, Canada.  It is supposed to be ultra hot next weekend for this ultra, so this will be a completely new dynamic.

I wonder if my neighbours were wondering what I was doing with body stretched out taking this picture. Fortunately we live on a very quiet street! :)

I wonder if my neighbours were wondering what I was doing (with my body stretched out flat) on the street taking this picture. Fortunately we live on a very quiet street! 🙂

I turned 58 a couple of days ago (and incidentally was born in 1958).  My wife gave me a cool ceramic figurine of an elderly man running which she wrote on the placard “Carl in 20 years time….2036 and still running”.  I really do hope I am still running in a couple of decades.  Thank you for all your support and for running with me this past year.  🙂


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  1. Thanks so much Carl for including my blog in your list! I am looking forward to checking out many of the other blogs. A few weeks ago I met “Karengeterdone” while passing each other at the Niagara Ultra. I am looking forward to following her climbing adventures. There is so much inspiration out there and such a feeling of community in the running world. I have been very lucky to meet some wonderful people after getting to know them through blogs and twitter. Looking forward to meeting you at Run for the Toad!
    BTW, my husband would be rather distressed to find out you are 58 and referring to yourself as an “old fellow” – he is 59 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Kristi for dropping by with your generous comment, and you are most welcome. It is indeed an honour to include you in the post.

      So cool you met “Karengeterdone” at the Niagara Ultra. I know each runner has their story and the their own inspiration. Looking forward to meeting you as well at Run For The Toad. Met a person today who was hosting a yard sale of all places who knew all about this race and he could say enough good about it (they also have an amazing swag bag).

      Looking forward to meeting your hubby. By your pictures he looks much younger than myself! 🙂

      Thanks again for you support Kristi! 🙂



      • Yes, Mike has been blessed with a youthful gene and has always looked younger than his age. There is an age difference of 12 years between us. My kids find it hilarious to think of the fact that when I was in kindergarden he could have driven me to school! But at almost 17 years of marriage we are proof that age is irrelevant 🙂

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      • Your hubby Mike and I are similar in that we married younger brides. My wife Lynne is 8 years younger, she was 22 when we married and I was 30. I really don’t think of the age difference and for us age is definitely irreverent
        Keeping active is important to me. My dad died of a massive heart attack when he was 47, so that always plays in the back of my of mind. I want to be around for a while longer for my wife and kids! 🙂


  2. Happy blogiversary! Hahaha, that figurine is hilarious! Great pick, Lynne! (And while my car shows I was home, I never noticed you lying in the street for the picture, hahaha)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lol…yeah Tasha’s dogs were watching me out the window with an amused puzzled look on their faces. I also had to abort my “photoshoot” once with a car coming down the street and had to do a “take 2” once the car had drove by. In order to get the proper angle I had to stretch out full on the street, and was the strangest feeling being flat out there.

      Just love that figurine. Thank you so much for your support! 🙂



  3. Congratulations Carl! You are such an inspiration. I can’t really run but I do walk really, really fast. 😉 May you still run for fun in the decades to come!

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by Lilka. and for sharing your kind words. Walking has such a great all around benefit to the body. I can picture you walking very, very fast yet at the same time taking your surroundings all in. Your photography is always so beautiful.

      Thank you again for your kind words! 🙂


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  4. Carl I love the way you highlight small and upcoming blogs. Congrats on the blogging anniversary and the three years of running. You are unstoppable!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Thank you for including me in your blog. I am honored and thrilled. Can’t wait to check out the others you highlighted too. Happy blogging and running for many years to come!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Happy blogiversary, Carl. Two years, eh? You’re catching up with me! Hehe. And you’re still doing what you love… Running! I didn’t even last 6 months *hangs head in shame*

    What a wonderful blogging community we have here. I’m going to check out some of those blogs!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    • Aww…thank you Amanda. You are always such an encourager. You have such a tremendous blog. Always love your personal interaction.

      I know you are super busy with your precious little ones and it would be very difficult to find those blocks of time to get out running. In the future you will be able to pick it up again.

      Thank you so much for being a part of my blogging community.

      Have a great weekend yourself! 🙂


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  7. Carl, this is such a thoughtful and generous way to recognize your fellow bloggers. I look forward to discovering some new sources of information and inspiration from these blogs. I am humbled to be included in your list and touched by the kind words you use to describe me and my blog. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Carl I feel honored sir! Thank you so-so much… I still feel our camaraderie has grown over time, God bless you. ‘MySunday blog’ is amazing.. I’m going to be one year myself in August.

    p.s: I found your blog from.Lifeascrysty’s blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is my pleasure Itofa. Youi must have just started your blog when you 1st started connecting with me, and it has been really cool seeing the camaraderie grow. Congratulations in advance on your 1 year blogging anniversary.

      “Life as Christy’s” blog…I had no idea. That is really neat. Hoping this post will bring more readers your way! 🙂


  9. Happy 2 year blogoversary!! And thank you for the mention, honoured to be included in your list and looking forward to checking out all the other blogs! Hope you continue running and blogging for many more years! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Thank you for mentioning me! I really enjoy your blog as well. I’ll definitely be checking out some of the others you mentioned. Despite numerous attempts at trying run, I just can’t do it. So, I’m kind of in awe of those who can. I can’t even imagine a 50k…. I can’t even make it 1k! Thanks again!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are very welcome Kimberly, my pleasure. Love your blog btw. 🙂

      By the sounds of it your good old physical work on your farmstead would much more than compensate of not being able to run. I grew up on a mixed farm and there is nothing like the feeling of being physical tired after being productive while physically working all day. Such a sense of accomplishment. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading your harvest posts, the ultimate reward for all your physical labor! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t have any physical limitations, I just can’t breathe when I run. Lately it’s been a toddler and an infant keeping me on my toes, but before they were around I put up my fair share of hay and stacked a lot of firewood! The more strenuous stuff falls to my husband now, at least until the kids are a little bigger.

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  11. Aww Carl thank you so much for adding me in here. Its so nice to see people appreciate me. Good luck for your running. I know you will do great. Carl it’s been nice getting to know you and reading your posts. I’d like to get to know you more. Friends always Carl!

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  12. Such an interesting post and all those wonderful leads. Thanks

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  13. Happy 2 years blogaversary!

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  14. Hoping you enjoyed your birthday celebration. Keep following a lifestyle that respects the body and mind and experience the joy that accompanies this pathway. At 78, your wife will provide you with a new ceramic figure restating (Carl, in 20 MORE years!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Jonathan. It was a great birthday. I so much appreciate your support and advocacy to promote lifestyles that do respect the body and mind. It would be so cool to get another one of those ceramic figurines as you describe.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your wonderful comment. 🙂

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  15. I just followed a whole bunch of these. I finally got the clearance from my heart docs to exercise. And I’m encouraged that it helped your blood pressure. maybe it would help mine too!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awww April, you are amazing. I know these bloggers would so much appreciate such a caring person as yourself checking out their blogs.

      I am so excited that you have got the clearance from the heart doctors. This has been such a difficult journey for you. My blood pressure is back in the normal range I think partly with the running and partly cutting out processed foods (which have a lot of sodium). It has been very encouraging to me.

      Thank you for taking the time to read, and for your wonderful comment! 🙂


  16. Aww Carl! Thank you so much for the mention! I love your blog and enthusiasm. I’m quite honored to be listed amongst all the ones I’ve clicked on to check out. It’ll take me time to make it through all of them. Keep on writing my friend!

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  17. I am so proud of you Uncle Carl! You are such an inspiration and a great athlete. Congratulations on your success here as a writer too. I am in absolute awe of your talent and content. It is so fun to read your words and see your perspective. It’s like running with you without actually doing so on those days!
    I also appreciate the shout-out and your kind words of support ❤️ -your niece Caron

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awww, thank you so much Caron. It is my absolute pleasure to share your blog. Was so excited when I 1st saw your blog and my enthusiasm has not dampened.

      Thank you for all your support and encouragement in running, writing and life in general. You are a tremendous niece, and I am so very proud of you.
      ~Uncle Carl~ ❤


  18. Belated Happy Birthday Carl 🙂 And Happy Anniversary to your blog (My two years come up at the end of the month)! It has been a pleasure reading your journey and what better way to celebrate than promoting new blogs. Two years later, I realize the value of the help I got from other bloggers 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Prajakta. You have been such a tremendous supporter. I forgot that we started our blogs just weeks apart (though it took about 6 months to discover each other’s blog). 🙂

      I can’t say enough of the value of other bloggers to help get our blogs established. Hopefully I will never forget this.

      Thank you so much for all your support. And congrats in advance on your 2 year blogaversary! 🙂


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  19. I read your blog today. Its very impressive. I agree that age doesn’t matter in a married life, my husband is more than 9 years older than me but after a certain time period it doesn’t matter. Keep writing and i am eager to read your next blog.

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  20. What a great way to shout out blog pals !
    And congrats on 3 years blogging – your running goals and the 58th milestone! God bless you !
    And love the little runner gift – perfect and so fun!

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  21. I checked out (and followed) quite a few of your mentioned blogs. A lot of good stuff! Thanks for posting this and helping others to connect.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Love the titles of some of these “undiscovered” bloggers. A very thoughtful and interesting post. Will give some of these a read.

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