The Day Humanity Washed Ashore

We’ll take a detour from the blackberry patch and poison ivy, to reblog a topic far more frightening than poison ivy. It is called apathy. This post that has kept me awake since reading it. Written by my dear UK blogger friend Amanda, the Syrian refugee crisis, is something that is extremely dear to her heart. Amanda is the voice, and her husband Matt is the hands and feet as he works and has worked with humanitarian relief in some of the most politically volatile countries in the world, including Syria. He has also founded his own charity called “Refuge Hope”, with links found in the post.
Thank you for the time to read.

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  1. Heartbreaking, so heartbreaking! Our next door neighbors here were Cambodian refugees, and the nicest people I’ve ever met. How can the world be so cruel? But it is not people we are fighting against, but evil itself. This is heart breaking.

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  2. The image of the little boy in the surf has taken my breath away. In Australia we were media washed with the image of the soldier carrying the dead child – that was harrowing enough. But now to see that ‘flotsam and jetsam’ in the surf – phew it takes my breath away. Our Prime Minister has announced we will take the paltry amount of 12000 Syrian refugees but with conditions. At the same time he had given Australia a very bad name with what we have done with asylum seekers travelling to Australia by leaking boats from Indonesia having made their way from war torn areas in the middle east and from other countries in which persecution rages – he has put these people on Pacific Islands without any chance of ever coming to Australia. Australian doctors and educators who travel to these detention centres are forbidden by law (our democracy is closing down day by day) to talk about anything they see, hear, smell, find etc if they are required to go there – its an automatic 3 year jail sentence if they speak. The media is kept out of it (or supports this – not sure which. 70% of our media outlets are owned or controlled by Rupert Murdoch’s empire). The government calls these asylum seekers ‘illegals’ but there is nothing in our laws and all international laws which relate to this in no way make any of these desperate people illegal. But the word had galvanised non thinking Australians into forgetting these people are people. I could go on and on …

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    • Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to leave such a detailed response. Unless it is a major natural disaster, we receive so little news that is international. All the news seems to be Canadian or about our American neighbours to the south.

      It has taken this precious little boys photo lying in the surf, to bring to our attention what I am finding has been happening for years. Thank you for sharing what has been happening in Australia. Even though I pretty much daily watch the news, there are never any news headlines that come out of Australia. I cannot fathom, the ordeal the asylum seekers have had to go through to make it all those countries to get to Indonesia, travel the leaking boats from Indonesia to Australia and have this await them.

      Sadly Canada is no different. I think the number is 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next 2 years.

      Thank you again for sharing this pertinent information on Australia!



  3. Great post by Amanda. Thank you so much for sharing this Carl. Just an update, this morning I read that Germany closes its border and temporary withdraw as one of Schengen countries. They said they can not handle anymore of refugees. It’s not easy and please do ask your politicians and government officials to open their mind, to care about this issue and offer places to the refugees from conflict areas. What I read, the estimation of total Syrian refugees is actually 4 million people..

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    • Thank you for the update Indah. I had to look up the term “Schengen countries”, as I was not sure what it referred to. No doubt if I researched about travelling within Europe, I would have learned about the term really quickly.

      On October 19th there is an election in Canada, not a good time with the Syrian crises. Parties are promising what they will do, IF they are elected. But at this current time, sadly no one is stepping up to the plate, and committing themselves. I will talk with the politicians, for a change of mind and heart, not after the election, but NOW.

      Very critical times, I appreciate you coming over to share this!



  4. Very touching and heartbreaking situation, especially with photos like the little boy, it just makes the tragedy so real. I don’t think the solution is as easy as nations lifting their borders as this will bring many other difficulties that must be looked at soberly. Still, it’s all very sad and I think will get much worse. Thanks for sharing that post Carl.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing Tricia. I did the small edit of “bet to get”. Has happened so many times with me, I send a comment, and then read it after I sent it, and I am wishing I could edit. 🙂

      It is indeed really sad and heartbreaking. This is and will be a huge challenge for all these countries. Many Christians are among those who have escaped, my prayer is that God would really give strength and resources to those countries that have been helping.

      Thank Tricia. Always appreciate you! 🙂


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