To Save Our Own Life

Today, Saturday June 14th is “World Blood Donor Day” . Every year more than 4.5 million patients need blood transfusions in the United States and Canada.
Giving blood helps other, it can save a life, and did you know it could possibly even save your OWN life.
In this following article from “you me works” it mentions 6 ways giving blood is beneficial, but 1 of those ways ESPECIALLY for a man. Men who donate blood are 4 times LESS likely to have a heart attack than those who do not donate blood.

For a guy who has heart attacks running in the family (my dad died when I was 15 of a heart attack) this is a very important thing for me to do.

If you have never donated, Canadian Blood Services is the organization that will “take” your blood. Unfortunately donations are now at a 5 year low #families4blood. There are permanent clinics in larger centres, and around every couple of months they run portable clinics in smaller centres such as Elmvale (where I donate). The screening questions can be quite personal, but they want to ensure your blood donation is safe. More info about Canadian Blood Service and to book an appointment can be done through
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