My Future Electric Car

Decided to check out the Georgian College Auto Show today. Completely 100% student driven, there is no sales pressure at all, which makes it nice to look and linger.
Among the many 100’s of cars on display, there was a head turning Aston Martin, and a Lamborghini with an absolutely stunning paint job. The Pfaff Porsche drivers were doing their amazing driving skills, and even Batman arrived in his Batmobile and was present between 11 and 3.

But what I REALLY wanted to learn more about was what was available in “green technology”. With gas this past week @ $1.36.9 per litre for regular gas (that is $6.23 for an Imperial gallon), it really hits the pocketbook each time I fill up. (especially when I remember “those good old days” when I 1st started driving and gas was 34 cents per gallon.

I was amazed by the number of models of all electrics and hybrids there are now available at the show. These were the cars that were getting the most attention. You could even test drive an electric Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, or Nissan from Georgian Colleges electric vehicle charging station. Although I REALLY wanted to just see a Tesla, there was not one there, but there was a Porsche Panamera S E Hybrid there. WAY beyond my price range, but SOOOO beautiful I HAD to go back for a 2nd look. The Panamera and the more practical electrics and hybrids can be found on the website It lists the costs per 100km. (a Nissan Leaf cost a mere $1.99 per 100 km. and gas for a similar model would run around probably $12-13, plus your carbon footprint is WAY down). In addition in Ontario you can receive up to $8500 in rebate incentive by purchasing or leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle.

I am really hoping my beat up Sunfire will last me 3 or 4 more years, but after that I am really considering an electric. By then there might even be some good used electrics on the market.The Georgian College show continues tomorrow. It costs $7.00 per adult, but on this site you can print off a $2 off coupon from the admission.

For a picture of that mentioned Lamborghini plus the Batmobile, check out the Auto show Facebook page

Enjoy this beautiful weekend,


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  1. Tesla is cool car, but yet today too expensive.

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    • I know. There is a Tesla charging station right near the gym I go to, and I am always drawn to them. But they are too expensive. I ended up getting another regular car a couple of months ago, as my other car pretty much died. So an electric will have to wait.

      Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

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