The feeling of 50k

Last Saturday (April 30th) my niece Caron and I set out to run 1st trail race together (well sort of, I had registered for the 25k, and she was aiming for her 1st 50k ultra). This is her recap, written with such passion and emotion you will think you are running this ultra with her.
Caron’s blog is BRAND NEW, and this was her 1st post. Not sure how to disable comments on my reblog, but please do drop by, say hi and leave your comments with Caron!  Thank you so much đź™‚



Pick Your Poison 50k Race Recap 

Don’t worry, you weren’t alone in thinking I may have taken on too much with this race. You see, even I didn’t know if I could handle the training for an ultra, in winter, with 2 children and a full time job. I also totally understand that when I got the flu and was off work for a week and didn’t train for 2 more, you thought I might not make it. I didn’t think I had enough training either. However, good thing for me that I’m too busy to worry about what’s getting me down. It wasn’t until taper that all of my doubts would surface and I’d question if I could run that far. Thankfully, I have some amazing supporters and you all encouraging me here.
It was due to some last minute worries about gear that I woke up pretty tired but super…

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  1. I did place my comment on your niece’s blog site as you asked. It was a wonderful story. It is so nice to see a family supporting each other the way you do. This provides an example many people can learn from. You know I write about health. Interestingly, achieving it is not always about focusing on one’s own needs; supporting the needs of others both physically and emotionally strengthens our own character and self esteem. This is as important to health as the traditionally accepted components nutrition and exercise.
    Wishing you and your family much joy on this celebrated weekend day.

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