burning in the bush

With a forecast tonight for where I live in Canada of -29C, my blogger friend Carole from Australia, has responded with an Australian version of my post “Trouncing Around In The Snow”. It is a witty glimpse of Australia called “Burning in the Bush”. A great post to “warm up” us freezing Canadians.
Thanks Carole!

the art of self encouragement

Inspired by “trouncing around in the snow” theoldfellowgoesrunning i’ve decided to share an Australian version, “burning in the bush” for my OS friends.  Let’s start with our famous Kangaroo.  Yes not even wildlife is safe from the global trend of narcissistic teenagers having to star in the shot.  This kangaroo is particularly tame and seems happy to pose with my daughter.  I’m guessing by those duck lips that’s not his first selfie. 10385564_10152997930624973_8768174594184165595_n Then there’s this guy.  He usually resides high in the trees of our backyard but when the mercury rises he decends to the lower branches looking for cool relief, 102 vs 104 deg.   Koalas rarely drink water as they get enough fluids from their sole diet of the eucalyptus leaf but when it’s bitchin heat for days in a row we put a shallow bucket of water at the base of the tree and he comes down…

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  1. Heading into a hot weekend with 36C forecast, which will feel way hotter…

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  2. Thanks Carl. Lovely post. The photos are stunning. Reading it and staring at the photos as I look outside and watch the rain which has been pouring since yesterday.
    Have a great weekend.

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  3. Hi Carl, thank you so much for the re-blog link – I like the post there as well – Gosh, I am jealous – I would love to have a backyard with koalas 🙂 so adorable! The opening picture with the Kangaroo certainly hilarious!! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

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  4. We had 40° here the other day. Thank goodness, it has begun to cool down. 🙂

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