The Ostracised Champion ♚

An Award, Our Appearances, and An Awareness Day.

It was the finale for “Movember” at my place of employment, so hard to believe this month has gone by so fast.  The kickoff was Tuesday November 4th which included fun activities, refreshments and pictures of all our clean shaven faces.

Clean shaven for day 1, but after 6 hours, am starting to get a bit of a shadow.

Clean shaven for day 1, but after 6 hours, am starting to get a bit of a shadow.

Thirteen days later was “Mid-Mo”, which included a bake sale and updated photos of the half way mark for our moustaches.  An on-line voting page was set up where co-workers could vote for who they thought had the best moustache.  There was a lot of camaraderie, with many people submitting photo shopped campaign photos of themselves to elicit votes.

Mid Mo. Day 13.

Mid Mo. Day 13.

The finale was this past Friday, 25 days from kickoff, when the coveted “Mr Movember, 2014” would be crowned.  After a wonderful chili taste off competition, awards were given to “most creative’ and “thanks for trying”.  Then with a drum roll Mr. Movember was announced.  I could not believe my ears, when it was MY name that was announced.  It couldn’t be, but amidst the thunderous applause, a sash was placed on me that read, “Mr. Mo 2014”.  Called to my feet, there was a loud echo of “Speech, Speech”, but I was at a total loss for words.  I had NEVER won anything of this magnitude before.

Proudly wearing championship sash which read, "Mr. Mo, 2014"

Proudly wearing championship sash which read, “Mr. Mo, 2014”

Coming home my dear family was amusingly happy for me, but emphasised I could only wear the moustache for the 2 final days of November, then it HAS got to go. “WHAT, you mean the prize winning, grand championship moustache”?  “Yes, get rid of it”.  My wife even booked a mini vacation for just the 2 of us at “Inn at the Falls”, in early December.  “Just make sure there is no moustache attached to you”!  🙂

“The Greatest  Wisdom is Seeing Through Appearances”…………


I know my family would never ostracise me because of a moustache, I’ll always be loved, I’ll always be “dad” and I’ll always be regarded as “husband”.  Society as a whole often might not be that accommodating, when it comes to outward appearances.  Our value, and our worth is so often measured by how we look and how we appear.  One of the coolest things about blogging, is that I follow several bloggers, that I have no idea what their outward appearance is, and I have no desire to know.  They choose to remain anonymous, and choose writing as therapy, and to help in healing from painful memories.  Through this I have gained some VERY cherished friendships, that come from the heart 🙂

Today (November 30th) is “Self Harm Awareness Day“.  If you happen to see a person (a fellow human being) wearing a black ribbon on their wrist (the person with the ribbon is bravely stating he or she has struggled with ED, self harmed or been suicidal), please go up to that person and tell them to stay strong.  Canadian Institute for Health Information mentions that 1 in 4 youth injury hospitalizations are now from self harm. Of the 6 recognised Living Generations in our western world, the younger two generations are having it really tough to find their identity in this fast paced world.  Let’s give them all the support we can.

Thanks for reading!


Klean Treatment

Klean Treatment

A video made to help people accept their differences.  We should not need to remain hidden to give or receive hugs. Let’s “embrace” each other, just as we are.



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  1. Hello Handsome Mr.Mo 2015 😀
    Nice post as always 🙂 And beautiful video. Thank you for sharing .
    * Hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats with the award you are very deserving of this award and many awards for being the kind heart I have got to know, but I agree with your wife the mustache has to go 🙂 .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you so much Lucinda, I am very, very touched by your words.
      Yep, the mustache is going this evening. This morning in church, I asked a show of hands who wants the mustache to go. I think pretty well every hand went up…lol 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and for your very kind comment! 🙂


  3. Carl, congratulations, Mr. Mo 2014! Mini vacation starts tomorrow, of course without the moustache! I hope that you and your wife have a wonderful time. The video that you included was lovely and see so many people embracing the “hug”, wonderful! Thank you for sharing a most heartwarming post! Please take good care.

    Always warm wishes,

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  4. Carl, man, that was an awesome post. You got my heart with that man. Like I said you are good people. We should not have to hide to be loved or accepted. You prove that. You alright in my book. You got heart. Thank you. -Regina

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  5. Thank you for the inspiring words Carl! This is what I needed first thing this morning. Have a great time away with your wife and I look forward to seeing your smiling, clean shaven, face when you return. Congrats Mr. Movember!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Devan for reading and commenting. Such a pleasant surprise to see you “dropped in”. 🙂
      The “Mo” is history, all clean shaven, but it was a lot of fun during November with the events we had. Plus it raises funds and awareness for Men’s Health.
      Hope you have a GREAT week, and see you when I return! 🙂


  6. Congrats on the award! I have learned so much from your last two posts. I did not know about the black ribbons or the men’s health campaigns that you mentioned. I also like what you said about the last two generations having such a hard time with their mental health. I think it has a lot to do with our electronic-driven-lonely world state. These kids don’t spend enough time staring into space and thinking as children. My husband and I just pulled out all video games and computer games from the kids for week days. We decided they can play their beloved video games a little on the weekends, but for week days, they need to find time to be BORED. If we always have something to occupy us, we can never think about our relationship with our Maker, you know. Sometimes they need to put aside good things, for things that are best. Okay…maybe I should turn that into a blog post myself….
    sorry for the rambling….What you said about these generations is just so sad, it really got me thinking!

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    • Thank you so much April for your valued comment. Not rambling at all, it speaks from the heart of a caring mother who wants to instill positive values on her boys.

      You and your hubby do have similar values with my wife and I. I am sure pulling video and computer games during weekdays will not be very popular with your boys. And April, I really admire you for the stand that you have taken. My two boys (still at home) are 20 and almost 18. They are at the age now where for the most part they make their own decisions. And with video games, it is only very occasionally will they pull them out. I am very grateful for this, but believe it goes to decisions Lynne and I made together when the kids were younger…….and a whole lot of prayer. Only by the grace of God.

      You really should turn this into a blog post April. I am sure there are a lot of young mothers who read and follow your blog that might be encouraged by what you shared with me. You are doing a GREAT job.



  7. Congratulations! I didn’t know about the black ribbons, either! Sorry I’m reading this post so late, but I’m glad I caught it.:)

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  8. I loved this post!

    The issue of self harm is rampant. One of my teenagers told me it is very common with kids he knows well. I hadn’t really heard about this as much until a few years ago and then this year a dear friend had a daughter hospitalized because of to it. Thanks for shedding and spreading Light 🙂

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  9. I like your now former mustache. It’s an award winner. Oh well, there is always next November to try again for the grand prize!

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