Are You REALLY Sure You Want To Go Through With It??

I had put off this meeting for a couple of days, but FINALLY ended up taking the long, intimidating flight of stairs that led to the Human Resources office at my place of employment. Siting there in that office with sweaty palms, fidgety feet, and a dry crackling voice, some on-line paperwork was being processed. Name, address, phone #, name and phone # of emergency contact? But before that final click of the mouse, I was asked this final question, “Are you REALLY sure you want to go through with it”?

The last time I was asked that exact same question was 16 years ago, when I was 40 years old. Here I was, lying on a hospital stretcher awaiting day surgery. You see, my wife’s “dream family” was 4 children, and back in 1998. once that quiver was full, I felt it my responsibility of making “the appointment”, and have “the procedure”. In medical terms, to have a vasectomy. After all, Lynne bore the brunt of it all, with 4 pregnancies and the pain of each childbirth.

As I lay there that day, sweaty palms, fidgety feet, and dry, crackling voice, and covered only by a thin hospital sheet, the surgeon arrived, lifted the sheet and did a pre operation examination. He looked up, and staring directly into my eyes adamantly declared, “There is absolutely NO way you could have ever fathered any children! Are you REALLY sure you want to go through with it? If I were you, I would seriously look into who fathered all those children!!”

Those words emasculated me to the core, but finally after catching my breath, I knew that none of those words could EVER be true. For those that know my wife, it really is a “no brainer”, you could never find a more faithful and committed person anywhere. I have always trusted Lynne, and I always will.

The doctor did apologize for being so abrupt, and while performing the surgery, went on to explain that I had a medical condition that would prevent me from fathering children. As a urologist, he had on an ongoing basis, desperate men wanting to be a father, but could not. My case was worse than any patients that he has ever had.

In my situation, if “medically”, I could not father children, the only other explanation is that a GENUINE miracle took place….FOUR TIMES OVER!!! I love my family so much, and I could never imagine my world without them.

Sixteen years later, back in the Human Resources office, I was asked the same question, “Are you REALLY sure you want to go through with it”? Was I transferring to “Timbucktoo, was I donating one of my kidneys to a co-worker? No, I was registering for a FULL MARATHON (42.2 kilometers) this October at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Stephanie, the nice Human resources lady was kindly helping me with the on-line registration and credit card transaction. And before the final click of the mouse, she asked the question, “Are you REALLY sure you want to go through with it”? “Royal-Victoria-Hospital-Barie-Ontario-Healthcare-Design-2012-16You bet, let us do it!!” 🙂

Please join me, in what will be a wild and crazy 12 weeks of training leading up to marathon day. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! 🙂


The Old Fellow

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  1. I love this post. You are a great writer, very captivating and I found myself really engaged. You do a good job at really describing things, like in a novel. “After all, Lynne bore the brunt of it all, with 4 pregnancies and the pain of each childbirth.”…..that statement is so awesome of you. Not all men think about what pregnancy does to a woman’s body, what she has to go through physically and mentally, let alone respect and honour it, and it is often assumed that the woman takes on the responsibility of birth control. It sounds like you have a really wonderful family!

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    • Thank you so much Emily….you are very kind! 🙂 Had the story, but almost didn’t publish it. Quite personal in nature, and of course the procedure itself is very intimate. Something guys definitely do not readily talk about!! 🙂 THANK YOU!!


  2. Enjoyed this post and enjoying your blog. Didn’t expect this post to be about a vasectomy lol, but can relate (somewhat…on the reverse side) as I am a mother of 4, and my husband kindly volunteered as we definitely felt our family was finished! I am currently training for an adventurethon in December and this is a big , scary, goal of mine. I often ask myself whether I want to go through with it but my answer was the same as yours and I pressed that button and confirmed my payment a couple of weeks ago. Scary exhilarating stuff!

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  3. Thank you so much for following my blog, for reading and for your kind comments. Just the name “adventurethon”, sounds REALLY enticing. It is scary, yet exhilarating when you push the button to confirm. I am looking to reading about your adventure. I see you have the “countdown calendar” Once it gets under a month, it will drop a day at a time, and is pretty cool. Looking forward to reading your blog. Thanks again for the follow! 🙂


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