A Cold Deserted Highway

It was a cold, snowy, slippery drive home to Hillsdale for my 19 year old son after finishing his night shift job in south Barrie on Thursday night.
It was 5 a.m. and was driving north on that lonely desolate stretch of the Highway 400 extension between Doran and Horseshoe Valley Road.

Along the way my son noticed a southbound car in the ditch with it’s lights still on. Doing something that is VERY typical of my son, he exited at the next exit, turned around and went southbound, concerned and wanting to make sure that the stranded motorist was okay. When my son arrived, the car was still running with it’s lights on. There were no footprints in the snow from the car, and when Desmond approached the car, no one rolled down a window or opened a door. With darkly tinted windows there was no way to see any occupant….or occupants inside. It was eerie.

If this was only a tow call involved, my son did not want to call 9-1-1 and all the emergency responders that are involved. But also someone could be seriously hurt. It also could be something suspicious…a set up for a crime with my “Good Samaritan” son as a victim.

My son phoned my wife’s cell asking what he should do. She mentioned to rap on the drivers side car window as she remained on the phone….it could be the driver has had a heart attack. At that point another driver kindly arrived and they opened the door. The driver was in a stupor and slumped over the steering wheel, and 9-1-1 was immediately dispatched. Very soon the scene of this lone car in the ditch with it’s engine still running and lights on, was transferred in a scene of emergency professionals converging all around the car. My son in much needed sleep left for home just as the driver was breathing into the breathalyser machine.

Later in the day, my wife heard a brief news story on the radio about a 32 year old man whose car went in the ditch between Doran and Horseshoe Valley road early in the morning. The driver was charged with impaired driving, his car was impounded and had his licence suspended for 3 months.

Fortunately it was a quiet time of day on a desolate stretch of highway, and there were no innocent people involved, injured or killed.

Just a short reminder this Holiday season. If you drink…..PLEASE DON’T DRIVE!!

Sincerely, Carl
Image via  colorbus


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