A Chat With EXTREME bicyclist Shane Little

Every once a while in life, there comes the opportunity to meet someone who deep down is an ordinary person like you and me, but this person is able to rise above the everyday/ordinary and do something that is incredibly extraordinary to the point that it is almost humanly impossible.

Early January 2014, I met up with extreme bicyclist Shane, who comes from England in the downtown Barrie, Ontario Burger King. It was just 5 days ago on Dec. 29th that he completed a solo, self supported winter bicycle trek across Labrador. This is a trip that is considered EXTREME in the summer and has been a accomplished by a very small number. In the winter it has never ever been attempted before.

I’ve been following this epic journey on his extremely well written blog, and Shane made a reply on one of my comments, that he was now in Barrie visiting an old friend. I was very hesitant to ask if I could meet him, because his time with his friend (who he had not seen since the 1990’s) was very short, but he was more than happy to meet with me. He mentions he really believes in “putting the social in media”.

Such was the character of Shane, an extremely humble man with no ego whatsoever. He seemed more interested in what I did, and hearing about me running that half marathon. However, we did eventually talk about the Labrador expedition.
Photo credits to Shane Little with his blog writings of his Trans Labrador adventure via 11668754894_047a1b12ea_zhttp://www.shanecycles.com/winter-cycling-in-canada/
To read more about Shane’s WORLDWIDE bicycling adventures, his website and blog is http://www.shanecycles.com/


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